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June, 2012

ProtectLife International Biomedical Inc.

ProtectLife/pet care IVD device for monitoring of biomarkers

Joseph Hsieh

Tel: +886-2-2655-7710 ext. 20

Fax: +886-2-2655-7720

Mobile: +886-939-320-773

½² ¾å©¾ <>

Wants to go global and looking for ways to enter market. Interested in collaboration with TGN to set up company in NL. ¡§Made in EU¡¦ stamp would be nice to have on their products.


Wants to know who his competitors are, distributors, sales agents, animal hospitals, pet food suppliers, sales agents, etc.

Provide Joseph summary of how this procedure would work, and discuss during a meeting in Taipei in November.


September, 2012

TRAKKIES/creates personal social networks for things and people, and between objects

Adrian Blackwood

Requires a team that can make prototypes and scale up to mass production.

Wants to interview 3 teams who are experienced and who are reliable.

Find 3 teams and introduce him. Prepare contract for services including commission.


Once we receive the specs for his product we can look for potential suppliers


September, 2012

Cerberous/serious games

Hans van ¡¥t Woud

A local partner to start with the translations and the local management of the game.

Contacts with local organizations that would be interested in Cerberus\ services.

Discuss with several Taiwanese incubators to see if there is interest in matchmaking. Post info on Venture21. Featured in The Business Incubator 2nd issue.

1-24-13 Recently won an award.

September 2012

Avioconsys/autopiliot and UAV technology

Mauro Garcia Acero

Manufacturing capability at a future date, sometime next year. He is still in a very preliminary stage.

Keep in touch. Could also be some Taiwanese technologies that could go on the UAV that he has not thought about.


September, 2012

MIIS/digital diagnostic medical instruments

Stefan Cheng

New product development and sales promotion.

Provided a spotlight in an article in The Business Incubator. Meet with them in Taiwan.


October, 2012

Strong Biotech

David Wu

Looking to find distributor in several European countries

Am in touch to offer my services to help find a distributor. They attended a trade show in NL and made lots of contacts.



BlueRise/OTEC technology

Remi Blokker

To start demonstration project in Taiwan, with partners, subsidy, etc., and develop the OTEC technology.

Support Remi during meetings in Taiwan to finalize deal. In ongoing contact to develop project submission.








November 2012

Chaoyang Unvi. Facial Masks

J&J Biotechnology CO., LTD 

Vincent Chang

To investigate the market potential in Europe, via the Netherlands

Lenard is talking to a cosmetic factory in Leeuwarden.


November 2012

Chaoyang Unvi. Cord Headset


To investigate the market potential in Europe, via the Netherlands

Lenard suggested to contact the music specialist sales channel